Highest Literate States of India : Ranking Top 10

India's quest for educational enlightenment shines brightly in its top literate states. Kerala, known as 'God's Own Country', not only boasts of its enchanting beauty but also stands tall with a literacy rate of 84.22%. It manages to maintain a reasonably narrow gap between male and female literacy rates, an accolade few states can claim. The pristine islands of Lakshadweep follow closely, with an impressive literacy rate of 81.51%. Goa, a favored global tourist destination, also extends its allure into the realm of literacy, marking a rate close to 80%.

The Union Territories, often smaller in size but vast in their potential, make their presence felt with Daman & Diu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Puducherry, and Chandigarh highlighting their educational achievements. Mizoram and Tripura, two northeastern gems, reflect the empowerment of their communities through literacy, and the national capital, Delhi, showcases that even in the midst of urban challenges, the quest for learning remains paramount.

Rank States PopulationLiteracyMaleFemale
1 KERALA3.34 Cr 84.2285.5183.04
2 LAKSHADWEEP64.47 k 81.5184.678.25
3 GOA14.59 Lac 79.9183.3276.41
4 DAMAN & DIU2.43 Lac 77.4582.9368.6
5 ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS3.81 Lac 77.3281.0373.1
6 MIZORAM10.97 Lac 77.378.9775.6
7 PUDUCHERRY12.48 Lac 76.7181.272.38
8 TRIPURA36.74 Lac 76.3480.172.43
9 CHANDIGARH10.55 Lac 76.3180.1471.63
10 NCT OF DELHI1.68 Cr 75.8780.0671.06