States of India by Highest Sex Ratio - Top 10

The balance between the sexes in a population is a critical measure of its social health and development. This balance is best encapsulated in the sex ratio, or the number of females per 1000 males. In India, a country known for its diverse and complex social dynamics, the sex ratio varies significantly among its states and territories.

Kerala, known for its high literacy rates and strong health indicators, tops the list with an impressive sex ratio. The state has more females than males, a positive demographic feature that can be attributed to its focus on gender equity and female education.

The union territory of Puducherry comes in second, closely followed by Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. All of these regions exhibit high sex ratios, indicating a near balance between the number of males and females.

In the northeastern parts of the country, Meghalaya, Manipur, and Mizoram also display strong sex ratios. These states, though smaller in population, stand out for their equitable gender balance.

Rounding out the list is Goa, a small state on the west coast of India. Despite its size, Goa's sex ratio is commendable, showcasing a balanced gender distribution.

This demographic snapshot of India, portrayed through its sex ratio, highlights the areas where gender balance is more pronounced. This balance is a positive indicator of women's status, social health, and development within these regions.

Rank States PopulationSex ratio
1 KERALA3.34 Cr 1084
2 PUDUCHERRY12.48 Lac 1037
3 TAMIL NADU7.21 Cr 996
6 MEGHALAYA29.67 Lac 989
7 MANIPUR28.56 Lac 985
8 ODISHA4.20 Cr 979
9 MIZORAM10.97 Lac 976
10 GOA14.59 Lac 973