Largest States By area in India - Top 10

Rajasthan firmly holds the first position in top 10 largest states of India with a massive total area of 342,239 sqkm. Despite this extensive territory, Rajasthan maintains a population density of 200 persons per sqkm, accommodating a total population of 6.85 crores.

The second largest state by area, Madhya Pradesh, exhibits an area of 308,252 sqkm, closely followed by Maharashtra which spans 307,713 sqkm. These two states, along with Andhra Pradesh, which covers 275,045 sqkm, all maintain population densities in the range of 236 to 365 persons per sqkm, indicative of their considerable populations ranging from 7.26 to 11.24 crores.

The fifth largest state by area, Uttar Pradesh, is also the most populated state in India. Despite its area being less than the top four states, its population density is noticeably higher, standing at 829 persons per sqkm, serving its whopping population of 19.98 crores.

Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Karnataka, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh complete the list of top 10 largest states by area in India. These states, with areas ranging from 135,192 to 222,236 sqkm, also contribute significantly to India's overall area and population. Their respective densities vary between 124 to 319 persons per sqkm, reflecting the extensive geographical spread of the Indian population.

Rank States PopulationArea (km²)Density per sqkm
1 RAJASTHAN6.85 Cr 3,42,239200
2 MADHYA PRADESH7.26 Cr 3,08,252236
3 MAHARASHTRA11.24 Cr 3,07,713365
4 ANDHRA PRADESH8.46 Cr 2,75,045308
5 UTTAR PRADESH19.98 Cr 2,40,928829
6 JAMMU & KASHMIR1.25 Cr 2,22,236124
7 GUJARAT6.04 Cr 1,96,244308
8 KARNATAKA6.11 Cr 1,91,791319
9 ODISHA4.20 Cr 1,55,707270
10 CHHATTISGARH2.55 Cr 1,35,192189